Our History

Dolce Sofa was founded in 2013 by a team of Italian furniture entrepreneurs, whose furniture manufacturing careers began in the 1980s, in Southern Italy. The concept of Dolce Sofa lies within the use of traditional Italian craftsmanship from start to finish. We recognised the opportunity to serve an ever-growing export market for our Italian designed and branded furniture, and our consistently superior products have done just that. We’ve ensured that over our years in business all our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest ethical standards, our customers have reported 100% satisfaction. Since our products have entered the market we have experienced sales growth each year, Dolce Sofa now exports its quality products to markets across continents from North America and Canada to Europe.

Mission & Vision

We have a simple mission, to supply first-class products, manufactured to the highest ethical standards and provide only the best customer service to our clients.

Our Business Model & Markets

Dolce Sofa’s origins lie in the heart of Italy, but since being in business we have built a strong international customer network. Our growing network is strengthening each day as we consistently focus on solidifying and developing it to the best it can be. We always evolve our services to ensure long-term improvement across every aspect of our business model.

Our Business Aim

Our business goal is simple; we aim to deliver a premium quality service to each of our clients. We hope to be an internationally recognised provider of exceptionally and innovatively designed finished Italian branded products. Our team works hard to make sure that our products stand out against our competitors on the market; all our products are competitively priced and are delivered efficiently to the market within practical timeframes. Dolce Sofa greatly values customer relations and we guarantee highly responsive after-sales support, which is part of our excellent all round service.

All our business aims are managed within our strong ethical framework, which differentiates us from our competitors. We promise to use the finest and most sustainable materials, incorporated with traditional Italian craftsmanship throughout the entire manufacturing process. We believe our products to be unique, we unify precision engineering, advanced technology, excellent quality with sustainable manufacturing processes. We persistently carry out meticulous quality control which allows us to deliver premium finished products to each of our customers.

Commitment to our clients

Dolce Sofa has one goal above all; to be acknowledged as being the best provider of Italian crafted sofas. Our product range has been designed and manufactured using a wide range of quality materials found in the industry. Our manufacturing process strictly follows that of traditional Italian craftsmanship, where attention to detail is of paramount importance. From start to finish our products are crafted using varied materials and excellent expertise, which considers each client’s individual needs and preferences. This application of precision throughout every step ensures our customers are 100% satisfied with their experience with Dolce Sofa. Our customer service adheres to our ethos of individualism; our after sales team is of first class quality and go above and beyond to meet each client’s needs.

The way in which we maintain our accreditation is through guaranteeing consistent quality throughout all aspects of our business. We have committed ourselves to the development of a reputable service, which is tailored to meet the needs of our individual business partners.

We carry out a one of a kind unified process which aligns the production process, distribution, and after-sales service into one flawless approach. All our clients benefit from consistency and reliability as we organise all our manufacturing of quality products to a tight schedule, resulting in precise service, from production to delivery, with our lead times guaranteed to be between 1-2 months. Uninterrupted communication is important to us with each of our clients, this helps us to minimise any potential issues that may arise. On the rare occasion that an issue should arise, we focus on resolving the issue in a time efficient manner to ensure the eventual resolution is quick and fair-minded.

Delivering the finest products

Dolce Sofa prides itself in delivering only the finest products, which reflect the long-lasting Italian manufacturing tradition at the core of our values.

Our Approach To Ethics

Dolce Sofa is differentiated from the majority of its competitors by practising only the best ethical standards. We constantly observe our ethical practice and develop it to exceptionally better quality wherever possible. Due to our attentiveness within our ethical practice, we have become the first choice of many distributors in the industry. Our products quality and high ethical standards remain equally as important, making our products highly desirable in a society which is growing its sustainability awareness. We manufacture in demand products which are beautifully finished and have been produced using the best sustainable practices.

We source all our raw materials only from certified companies with high reputations in the industry. This ensures that our products quality and high ethical standards remain equally as important. All of our materials adhere to industry regulations, and are recognised as pioneering in the industry. Two main product materials are used across our products; leather and wood. All the leather used in our products is of the highest standard and ethically sourced. It is fully certified by European Union certification for allergies, animal welfare and hygiene. All clients have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the leather and its comfort and easy-to-clean features. In addition to the leather, we have a selection of high-quality fabrics that are used in our products. Such fabrics are of the highest quality and guarantee maximum comfort as well as flawless, traditional Italian appearance.

We ensure that our ecological impact is always kept to a minimum, in addition, we make use of all available sustainable materials and we constantly treat employees and other stakeholders with maximum respect and dignity. Our clientele is diverse; most of our clients are international businesses, some of which are amongst the best-known brands in the world. We tailor the majority of our products to retailers, though we do also work with large wholesalers and some manufacturers.